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evidence based practice and its importance

combines the "best" available evidence with your clinical expertise and the patients values

we want to make sure we are providing the best care for our patients, which is a combination of these factors, not just going off of past experience and what we think will work


clinical experience

ability to use your skills and past experience to identify the pts unique problems


patient values and preferences

clinical decisions about interventions or diagnostic tests to be applied should be collaborative

pt has unique preferences, concerns, expectations


best available evidence

empirical measurements about relationships based on observation or experiment

derives from credible, valid resources

availability of evidence may be limited by unanswered clinical questions or quality of the body of evidence


5 steps to EBP

1. formulate an answerable clinical question
2. search for, and find the appropriate evidence
3. interpret and appraise the evidence
4. apply the findings recommendation integrating the best available evidence with your clinical expertise and the patients unique values and beliefs
5. evaluate performance: did they improve?



Problem/Pt question: most important pt characteristics
Intervention: main intervention being considered
Comparison: main alternative tmt
Outcome: what are you trying to do for the pt?