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Collective Bargaining =

= negotiation of formal labor agreements and day to day interactions btw unions and management

- represents majority's opinion


Agency Shop =

= employees NOT required to join union


Union Shop =

= employees MUST join union and pay dues


Grievance =

= perception of part of union member that management has failed to meet terms of labor agreement - process of stating concerns


Professionals =

= indiv. who have right to be represented by a union but cannot belong to a union that represents nonprofessionals


Strike =

= concerted withholding of labor supply to bring about economic pressure on employers and cause them to grant employee demands (worsening pt outcomes!)


Reasons why nurses want to join Unions

- increased power of individual
- increase input into organization decision making
- eliminate discrimination and favoritism
- social need to be accepted
- required by employer
- will improve pt outcomes and quality of care


Reasons why nurses do NOT want to join Unions

- belief that unions promote welfare state (idea that we treat everyone same no matter what - not good if want to be recognized for merit)
- need to demonstrate individualism and promote social status
- belief that professionals should not unionize
- identification with managements viewpoint
- fear of employer reprisal
- fear of lost of income associated with strike or walkout