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Define a website

A website is a collection of related documents known as web pages that contain information in many forms


What is a hyperlink?

Area of a page that, when clicked, takes the user to a different location


What is navigation of a web page and what are the three forms of navigation?

Navigation defines how the user moves around the web page. The three types of navigation are linear, hierarchical and multi-level(composite).


What are the two forms of design notations for websites?

Structure Diagram and Wireframe


Define a wireframe and state two considerations when designing a wireframe

A wireframe is a visual guide used to represent a website's user interface
Considerations: Navigation, Interface, Presentation of Data, Formatting


Give an example of how you can create a wireframe

Use specialised software such as Mockingbird
Draw a design


Why would it be better to produce a high definition wireframe?

Additional details such as font colour and size mean that the wireframe closely represents the website more


What is the purpose of a wireframe?

To show functionality and behaviour of a website


How does the functions of CSS and HTML differ?

HTML - used to create and define the web page content
CSS - used to add rules on how the content of the HTML file should be presented


Hello World

Write a small piece of HTML to code the above heading

< h1> Hello World

Then you would close the tag (can't do it next to it because it would turn it into the actual code produced but this is how you close a heading tag below)


Outline the key differences between the HTML content inside the element and the element

The content in the element will be displayed in the title bar and NOT ON THE WEBPAGE
The content in the element will be displayed on the web page


What is metadata used for in relation to web pages?

Metadata is used to communicate information to the browser and search engines about the content of the website


Give on benefit and one limitation of using the meta pragma tag in your HTML

Meta Pragma tag tells the browser not to cache your page
Advantage: Forced to load all the updated content when you go onto webpage
Disadvantage: Load time for webpage is longer


What is Javascript used to do in relation to webpages?

Add interactivity and custom behaviours


Give an example of a use of Javascript

Interactive Games
Collapsible Content
Allowing users to enter data


Describe Progressive Enhancement of a webpage and what it allows websites to do

Progressive Enhancement is a layered approach consisting of three layers to a website(Content, Presentation and Behaviour)
It allows webpages to be viewed on multiple devices with different capabilities and connection speeds


Why are external style sheets a more efficient way to style your web page?

Can be applied to many pages in the website, saving memory and development time


What is the purpose of this tag?

This tag allows the browser to use these keywords in order to find this website when a user searches for any of these content keywords
The keywords are added to search engines database of websites


Is Java a client side scripting language or server side scripting language?

Client side - runs on user's browser not the web server


Write the CSS for making this html code lavender in colour with the font of arial

< a href = "www.google.co.uk>

It is surrounded by a div tag

#hyperlinks {
color : lavender,
font-family: arial,


I didn't succumb to the stereotype that science wasn't for girls

Style this specific paragraph so that it is blue in colour and has a font of Verdana
The class of this paragraph is "quote"

.quote {
color: blue,
font-family: Verdana,


What is the difference between an ID selector and a Class selector?

ID selector - Uses the ID attribute to select a SINGLE element
Class selector - Use the class attribute to select (possibly) multiple sections of HTML code


What is the purpose of Ajax Technology?

To update the content of the webpage without reloading entire page


Explain the difference between static and dynamic websites

Static Website - contains information that does not change and has to be updated manually
Dynamic Website - automatically generates and displays different content each time it is viewed


Give an advantage and a disadvantage of dynamic websites

Advantages - More functional, up to date
Disadvantages - More complex and costly to develop


Define a 'database driven website' and give an example of one

A database driven website is a website which pulls information from a database each time in it loaded
Example: Online bank, shopping sites


What is the difference between client server scripting and server side scripting?

Client Side - system that is running on the web browser
(generally speaking they provide interactivity)
Server Side - system that s translated and executed on the web server (generally speaking they provide dynamic webpages)


Where does much of the dynamic content of a webpage retrieved from?

A database


Give an example of where SQL is used

When carrying out a google search, your search criteria is passed to SQL code to search a database


What is PHP?

PHP is a server side scripting language used to crate dynamic and database driven web[ages