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WAIS-IV Descriptors by Score

130+ Very Superior
120-29 Superior
110-119 High Average
90-109 Average
80-89 Low Average
70-79 Borderline
<69 Extremely Low


Two steps to determining whether FSIQ, GAI, or neither is appropriate on a WAIS-IV report?

Step 1: Subtract lowest index score from highest. If the difference is >23 points (1.5 SD) don't use FSIQ.

Step 2: Is the difference between VCI and PRI less than >23 points (1.5 SD)? If so, calculate and use GAI.

Otherwise, neither measure is appropriate.


What is a unitary ability on the WAIS-IV?

A difference of less than 5 scaled score points (1.5 SD) between the highest and lowest subtest scores indicates a unitary ability and thus an interpretable index.


WAIS-IV age range?



Which 3 WAIS-IV subtests cannot be administered to adults over 70 y.o.?

Letter-number Sequencing; Figure Weights; Cancellation


When is it inappropriate to compare strengths and weaknesses when scoring the WAIS-IV?

If there is a significant difference between VCI and PRI


What are the rules for substitution and proration of scores on the WAIS-IV?

-One supplementary test per index score can be substituted

-No more than two total substitutions for FSIQ/GAI calculation

-Prorated sum of two core subtest scaled scores can be used to calculate VCI/PRI but not WMI/PSI


Mean, range, and SD for WAIS-IV scaled scores

Mean 10
SD 3
Range 1-19


What WAIS-IV subtest on the PRI is sensitive to the impact of TBI in terms of visual-perceptual issues?

Block Design


What WAIS-IV subtests on the PRI involve cognitive flexibility?

Matrix Reasoning, Visual Puzzles, Figure Weights


What WAIS-IV subtests on the WMI and PSI involve attention span?

Letter-Number Sequencing, Cancellation, Arithmetic, Digit Span


WAIS-IV IQ ranges for Intellectual Disability

50-55 to 69 Mild
35-40 to 50-55 Moderate
20-25 to 35-40 Severe
Below 20-25 Profound


What WAIS-IV subtest/ability is the best indicator of premorbid functioning?