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Designed to burn a multitude of petroleum based fuels and alternative fuels

Internal combustion engine


Also known as propane, is a fossil fuel produced from the processing of natural gas. Propane is the third most widely used fuel source behind gasoline and diesel. Propane is heavier than air. 1.5 time as dense and will sink and pool at the floor level when released into the atmosphere.

Liquid petroleum gas (LPG)


A fossil fuel primarily comprised of methane that can be utilized as compressed natural gas or liquefies natural gas. It is known as the cleanest burning alternative fuel.

Natural gas


An alcohol based fuel. Is known as a wood alcohol because it is process from natural wood sources such as tress and yard clippings.
Can also be utilized as Flexfuel ( E85)



Energy policy act of 1992 list "alternative fuel" for vehicles

Hydrogen, electricity, biodiesel, LPG, Methanol, Ethanol and natural gas


Also known as roof pillars, are designed to add vertical support to the roof structure of the vehicle

Generally labeled A,B and C post

Roof posts


Uses a shoulder harness that automatically slides or a sell or aluminum track system

Automatic seat belt system


Designed to pull back and tighten when activated by a collision.
Uses a pyrotechnic propulsion device to engage the retractor gear

Pretensioner Seat belt system


Stored gas inflators contain a non flammable gas and can range from ______ to ______ PSI

3000 to 4500 psi


A modern glass that uses both the laminating and tempering process. Used primarily side and rear windows

Enhanced protective glass


Includes a shoulder and lap belt, known as a 3 point harness system

Uses a retractor gear that locks in place when activated

Standard seat belt harness


2 door hinge design

Leaf system

Full body system


Used to hold open hatchback and are hydraulic or gas filled

Piston struts


Located between the top and bottom hinge. Designed to assist the door in opening and closing can be comprised of hardened steel or other alloy type materials

Swing bar


Composed of a mixture of various metals and elements

Alloyed steel


Has the ability to absorb or redirect energy during a collision. Incorporates crumple zones into the front and sometimes its rear

Unibody construction


Hollow section of metal on both sides of the car. There is very Little structural support in this section

Rocker panel


Created by heating a layer of clear plastic film between two layers of plate glass

Laminated safety glass


Type of glass that is heated and the quickly cooled, this gives the glass its strength and resistance to impacts

Tempered safety glass


Composed of heavy gauge steel and is round in shape with a cap at the end. Designed to hold the door in place. One of the most difficult type of latching mechanism to cut through

Nader Bolt


Generally smaller gauge steel; which makes it easier to cut through and / or release the latch mechanism of the door

U bolt


Any attempt to remove or cut this type of glass are not advised

Ballistic glass


Smart keys should be a minimum of ______ ft away from the vehicle

15 ft


Most side impact collisions occur at the ______ post

They are often reinforced because of this



Measures the amount of force required to tear a section of steel apart

Tensile strength


The amount of force that a section of steel can withstand before permanent deformation occurs

Yield strength


2 frame systems that are commonly used in todays vehicles



Negative aspect of unibody construction

Can be cut in half with a severe collision


Bumpers must sustain a collision of ______ MPH without sustaining damage to the vehicle body



Located on the front top section of the vehicle

Consists of 2 beams located on both sides of the vehicle that hold the load section in place and attach the front wheel strut system to the chassis

Upper rail