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NFPA for power tools

Maximum hydraulic fluid temp is _______

NFPA 1936

!60 degrees F


Power tools must have a _______ feature which returns the control of the tools to the neutral position in the event that the control is released.

Typical force of a spreader _________

Dead man


14,000 to 28,000 lbs of force
Spreaders were the first hydraulic tool to be used for rescue


Draws less current than conventional lights

ranges from ______ to _____ lumen per watt

LED lights ( light emitting diodes)

80 to 100 lumens


Require a fuel mixture of gas and oil

2 stroke engines


All chainsaws in use should be equipped with a _________

chain brake


Most commonly operate using a gasoline powered engine and a hydraulic pump

Hydraulic tools


Most hydraulic power units operate at _______ or _______ psi. And they utilize a ________ stage pump.

Lower pressure stage building to ______ psi

High pressure stage delivers ______ to ______ PSI

Depending on the unit you are operating

5000 to 10500

2 stage pump

3000 psi

5000 to 10500 depending on unit

Use either phosphate ester or mineral base oil.
* Mineral base is less fire resistent


Are electrical enclosures commonly found when the need for multiple outlets is required

Junction Boxes


Composed of rubber with synthetic lining. Noticed to stabilize a vehicle by itself. Don't stack more than 2. Ensure hoses and valves are facing out. Don't overinflate. When stacking, layer larger bag on the bottom. Only lift as high as necessary

Lift Bag


A pneumatic rotating tool used to removed nuts and bolts of various sizes, including those found in hinges seats and wheels. General operating air pressure is 90 psi.

Air impact wrench


2 types of winches: Chain hoist , Lever hoist

Chain hoists have a lifting capacity of :

Lever hoist have lifting capacity of:

500 to 40,000 lbs

250 to 12,000lbs


Device that only works on tempered glass

Spring loaded center punch


Protective gloves should extend no less than ______ inch from the wrist crease



Categories of tools for vehicle extrication:

Stabilization tool can be as:

Hand, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric battery powered, Fuel powered

Hand, pneumatic, and hydraulic


The most common air bags that are mandatory in all vehicle manufactured after 1998

Driver and front passenger


A min: explosive device used to ignite the propellent that produces the nitrogen to inflate an airbag


Ex. Squib


Active restraint device (because the occupant has to activate the system)

Passive retraint device
( the occupant does not have to activate the system)

Manual seat belts

Air bags


A type of strut system that comes in a variety of lengths and may be extended by the use of compressed air

Air shoring


Tools utilizing air under pressure

Ex. Air chisel, impact wrench

Air is supplied by air compressors, SCBA cylinders, vehicle mounted systems operate at 90 to 250 psi

pneumatic tools


A hand operated ratcheted lever winching tool that, when used with chains and hooks can provide several thousand lbs of pulling force. The standard model for extrication provides _________ to ________ of pulling force

Come along

2000 to 4000 lbs


Standard on selection, care and maintenance of PPE gear

NFPA 1851


Recommended distancing from airbags while attempting a rescue.

Driver side airbag ______
Passenger side airbag ________
Side impact _______

10 inches

20 to 25 inches

5 to 15 inches


A gas generation system uses a chemical reaction that provides nitrogen and inflate the airbag at approx ________ MPH taking approx _______ to ______ milliseconds

200 to 250 mph

30 to 40 milliseconds


Normally consists of 3 different systems plus a suppression system which uses all of these sensors for automatic deactivation

- Seat position sensor
- Seat belt sensor
- Occupant weight sensor

Occupant classisfication system


Crashes are measured in milliseconds with 1000 millisecond equaling 1 second. The entrire crash process takes _______ milliseconds

100 to 125 milliseconds


Airbags were invented in the 1980's. They are also called ________ when used in conjunction with a seatbelt

Supplemental restraint system


High pressure lift bags are the most common type for extrication. They operate at _______

Medium pressure bags operate at _____

Low pressure provide a very high lift to right overturned vehicles, they operate at ______

100 to 145 psi

15 psi

7 psi


Pneumatic chiseler used to cut hardened steel. They do not create sparks. A high powered chisel can operate in a range of ______ to _______ psi.

* Always keep 1/2 of the blade showing to avoid burying the tip

150 - 225 psi

* Never operate at 300 psi


The max force that may be applied to an assembly in straight tension.

Rating are embossed on the chain every 12 to 18 inches

Grade 80 to 100 are most utilized


Working load limit


Components that make up an airbag

Electric control unit