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Secondary batteries can be located in

Rear trunk
Under front or rear seat
Under the right or left wheel well

Fold back tape when cut sections of cable to prevent cabled from touching terminals


A smart key lets a driver start the car from _____ to ______ ft away

15 to 20


To marry 2 vehicle. Anchor the ratchet strap to the _____ of the bottom vehicle, then loop the loose end through the ______. Make sure that the hook is facing ______

Lowest area of the passenger side A post of the bottom vehicle.
Through he B post of the top vehicle and back through securing it to itself
Up and outward to avoid hood dislodging when tension is applied


MArrying 2 vehicle will eliminate ______
Best tool for this ______
Stabilize the bottom vehicle first using cribbing

Independent movement of the 2 objects

Industrial grade ratchet strap

* use a pike pole to pass straps under a vehicle
* Never crawl under the top vehicle


Roof strength requirements
prior to 2012

post 2012

Equal to 1.5 times the unloaded weight of the vehicle

3 times the unloaded weight of the vehicle

While vehicle are on their roofs


Never stack box cribbing more than ______
* initial cribbing goes to most unstable area

2 times the width


With a vehicle on its roof there are usually 3 points of access

Drivers side
Passenger side
Cribbing should be placed to keep these area unobstructed


A basic operation for stabilizing a vehicle on its side should take no longer than

Main advantage of A farm stabilization of a car on its side

3 to 5 mins

Roof area is free of any cribbing


Create a purchase point with

After struts are in place ______

Spike end of a halogen and flat axe
Once its in pull down on halogen to create a bigger purchase point

Reseat all cribbing with a 4x4 or rubber mallet


With a vehicle on its side the first strut should be placed at a ________ so that the tip of the strut can push off from it.

Maintain a angle of not less than _____

Sold section of the under carriage



Rescuers at a extrication should work from ______. In a ___ stance.

One knee
Semi kneeling stance


After inner/ outer survey is done the officer should _____ ______ as the other crew members begin cribbing

Place his hands on the front or rear section of the vehicle to feel for shifting or movement