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Landing zone should measure

100x 100 ft
no less than 60x 60


Landing zone is established by the ______ through a coordinate effort with the ____ ____

ground crew
flight crew
Both operators must agree


Most air ambulances fly well in excess of _____mph



If a propane tank relief valve does not activate or if it is overwhelmed, the tank will _____



Concerns with fuel runoff ____ _______ ____ ___ all ways to control runoff 3 D's and an A

Presence of ignition sources
Enviromental concersn
Reaction of fuel when they mix with each other or other products at the incident

Damming, Diverting, Diluting and absorbing


Gas explosions and leak usually involve?

Occur due to leaking tanks or damage from over pressurization

Natural gas
Propane gas
Once leak has been located monitor all building in immediate area


Do not use the spreaders as a push point for the Ram . After crushing the rocker panel

This will damage the spreaders


In a dash roll, if the B post has been removed, Crimp the rocker panel to create a dip for the ram to sit in. Positions the tip of the ram _____

at the bottom corner of the A post ( where it meets the dash)

Make sure to crib under the rocker panel where the base of the ram is


First step of a dash roll

remove the roof


The C post is



A side out when done correctly can be completed in less than

5 mins


The side out begins at the _______

* Never lean against a door that is being spread

Rear door and progress forward
* Spread the B post off of the rocker panel. Make sure to crib under the B post rocker panel area pro to spreading


Most common type of vehicle collisions

Side impact
Side out was introduced in 1999 Fire engineering magazine


Popular to access the hinges to cut them when you cannot access a vehicle latch side

Wheel well crush technique


Don't spread door until it pops off the radar bolt or U bolt. You should ....

Window frame is known as ______

Expose the latch with a vertical spread and insert the cutters and make the cut

D ring


Purchase point may be needed to expose a locking mechanism enough to insert a cutter.
This technique is known as:
A _____ is the best hydraulic tool for making a purchase point

Expose and cut

Hydraulic spreader


With a partial ejection carefully insert towels around the head and neck _____ _______

Then use _______ to slowly cut away sections of laminated glass

From the direction the windshield was impacted

Trauma sheers


Utilizes multiple layers of tempered glass laminated glass, laminated material, polycarbonate thermoplastics all andwhiched together to a desired thickness

Ballistic or bullet resistant glass


_____ is not effective for cutting polycarbonate windshields. The heat cause by friction will reseal the incision.

Recip saw
K 12 will work but not recommended

* One tool that shows promise is the hand held electric 5 inch dual action circular saw


You should treat polycarboante windows as :

Options for removal

Part of the vehicle body

Remove the entire section as 1 piece
Utilize a prying tool or spreder to pry the window out of its casing
With the spreaders make a purchase point by crushing a section of the roof rail where the window is seated


A thermoplastic material used in vehicle window applications

It is light durable plastic that is up to _____ times stronger than glass

250 times
* it will resist direct impacts from any striking tool on the apparatus


Using the glass hand tool make two holes with the spiked end for purchase points at the ____

Top center and bottom center of the windshield
* avoid short strokes when cutting glass


Removing a laminated glass windshield is best accomplished using ______

* Remove rearview mirror to avoid it becoming a projectile when you strike the glass with the glass tool

2 rescuer working on opposite sides of the vehicle


Cut windshield out with ______

Hand saw or recip saw

Always use respiratory protection N 95 filter


Laminated glass is held in place by a ______

Usually used for windshields sometimes used for and side windows

Mastic type adhesive
That requires a cutting action of the glass itself to be removed

Avoid trying to scrape adhesive out very time consuming


Start breaking glass at the

Tinted windows

Furthest point from the victim

Make a hole with a center much
create a space insert gloved hand and take whole section of glass out at once


The process of removing a roof or a major structural component of the vehicle requiress

all glass to be removed from the vehicle


Center punch only works on ______

Front windows or common passenger vehicle are _______ glass

Tempered glass most vehicle used tempered glass for side windows



Managing your victim entails:

Dont remove pt from vehicle remove vehicle from pt

Victim access, care, packaging, removal


Describes a objects balance in relation to its center of gravity