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State three main groups that must be considered when designing a usable user interface

The Visually Impaired
The Deaf
Those who struggle with motor and dexterity


Describe a way that designers can make their website more accessible to Blind users?

  • Screen Reader - reads out text currently on screen

  • Braille Keyboard - allows text entering

  • Voice Commands - allow text entering by talking into a microphone

  • Page Magnification Tools


Describe a way that designers can change their HTML level of a website to increase accessibility of their interface for blind people

Increase the uses of alt tags when embedding images on a page


Describe changes a designer to make to their multimedia content to allow people with limited hearing capabilities to access their user interface

-Use subtitles to summarise what is being said(Maybe use simple language depending on user range)
-Close Caption the video


What piece of technology can be used to help deaf people feel more immersed in games/videos?

Vibrating input/output devices


Describe a piece of technology used to help users with limited motor and dexterity access an interface

Head Wand - interact with touchscreens without the use of hands
Eye Tracking - lets the user enter text on an onscreen touch-screen by the position of their eyes


What is a motor and dexterity impairment in relation to computing?

A user who cannot fully use all the features of a mouse or keyboard


Keyboards with large print or contrasting colours can help what type of user to use a computer?

Blind users