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What are the 4 main things the examiner is looking for?

1) Show that you understand what the poems are about
2) Write about the techniques used in the poem
3) Use the correct technical terms to describe the techniques in the poem
4) Support every point you make with quotes or examples from the poems


Step 1 to analysing an unseen poem

1) Work out what the poem's about
- work out the subject of the poem.
- Think about who is speaking, and who the poem is addressing, e.g. the narrator's lover, the reader...


Step 2 to analysing an unseen poem

2) Identify the purpose, theme or message
- Think about what the poet is saying, why they've written the poem, or wheat ideas they're using.
- The poem could be an emotional response to something. It might aim to get a response from the reader, or put across a message or an opinion about something


Step 3 to analysing an unseen poem

3) Explore the emotions, moods or feelings
- Consider the different emotions or feelings in the poem and identify it's mood.
- Look at how the poet shows these emotions


Step 4 to analysing an unseen poem

4) Identify the techniques used in the poem
- Find the different techniques the poet has used and how they create emotions, moods or feelings. Think about why the poet has used them, and what effect they create.


Step 5 to analysing an unseen poem

5) Include your thoughts and feelings about the poem.
- Examiners love to hear what you think of a poem and how it makes you feel. Think about how well the poem get's it's message across and what impact it has on you
- Try not to use 'I' though - don't say "i felt sad that the narrator's brother died", it's much better to say "it makes the reader feel the narrator's sense of sadness at the death of his brother."