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what is menopause typically diagnosed by?

rise in circulating FSH


why doesn't ovulation occur in polycystic ovary syndrome?

no dominant follicle emerges, although multiple primordial follicles are present
-many cysts in ovaries may prevent maturation during follicular phase


what is PCOS characterized by?

-reduced estrogen by granulosa cells
-reduced progesterone by granulosa and thecal cells
-continued production of androgen by thecal cells throughout the cycle
-irregular/absent menses (have thin endometrial tissue)


what are treatments for PCOS?

-birth control (estrogen and progesterone) to restore menses
-Clomiphene to restore ovulation
-5-alpha-reductase inhibitors to block testosterone --> DHT
-weight loss to control abnormal blood glucoes and diminished insulin sensitivity


what is the "leading theory" for endometriosis?

retrograde menstruation


what is the most dangerous region for rupture during ectopic pregnancies?

interstitial area ruptures at 12-16 weeks gestation
-this is closest to the arteries, so there is a greater risk for massive hemorrhage


what are treatments for ectopic pregnancies?

-single doses, or series of methotrexate
-laparoscopy and salpingectomy

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