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A broader scheme. All interactions between the actors on the international scene

International relations


A specific policy that is shared in the international community. Example: climate policies.

International policy


A coherent policy, plan, a strategy that is created in order to obtain national interests abroad.

Foreign policy


What is the characteristic of a foreign policy?

It is long term


Something abstract, and talking from the point of view of an actor.

Foreign relations


Issues regarding the Spanish foreign policy

-No coherent plan based on the national interest


What is the one policy that all Spanish governments have defended?

The territorial integrity of Gibraltar


Why is there no coherent national plan in Spain?

It changes with every new government


Can we talk about a Spanish international policy?

No. An international policy is shared by the whole international community


Can we use different terms as synonyms, ex: foreign policy, and international policy?

No, they have different meanings.


Does everyone agree that the foreign policy is mainly in regards to the State?

No. Some believe that it is mainly about the external behavior of a State, but others believe that it also includes other actors


The foreign policy is not exclusively linked to states, but it must have an...

official authoritative link to the governmental institutions


Who are the main actors in foreign policy, according to Spanish authors?

The States


Does the Spanish law regard the government or the State?

The government. It does therefore not present the foreign policy as a State issue.


Can comunidades autonomas act in foreign relations?

Yes, since they are public administrations


Doe sthe comunidades autonomas need the authorization of the Spanish government in order to act in foreign relations?



What are the two groups of goals in defense policies?

Aims and short term goals


Definition of aims in defense policy

long term policies, state policies. Even war if necessary.


Definition of short term goals in defense policy

Short term goals, depends on the interest of the government in power


Is the UK being willing to go to war over the free navigation of waters a short term goal or an aim in defense policy?

an aim


why were Spain and the UK enemies?

The question of free movement of the oceans


Defense or security policy?
- A broader aim, a broader scope of the foreign policy.
- Domestic and foreign issues
- Risk and uncertainty
- Has to do with the lack of information

Security policy


What are the issues related to the security policy?

Economic problems, climate issues, anything that can pose a threat to the state and its citizens.


Example of how risk and uncertainty go hand in hand in foreign policy

Ex: India and Pakistan are in a state of uncertainty, and they face a risk as they are both nuclear powers. Whilst France and Germany who are both facing a risk of being nuclear powers, they do not have the uncertainty factor.


Security is both a

feeling and a reality


Many policies are based on



Was it worth killing Saddam Hussein? is an example of what in security policy

A trade off in order to get security


Do we most often respond to a feeling of security or the reality of security?

The feeling of security. We tend to exaggerate small risks and downplay larger risks


What are the types of risks that end up in the news papers?

the rare and small risks


Why is it a reality that we tend to exaggerate small risks and downplay larger risks?

We are good at small numbers, but have trouble with bigger risks.