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give you some ideas about how to get the most out of this course

get the most out of this course


Do you love them or hate them, or perhaps somewhere in between?

perhaps somewhere in between


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launch /lɔːnʃ/ to send a spacecraft or bomb into the sky, or a ship into the water запускать (ракету); to begin an important activity


Whichever module you take, you will be tested on all four language skills-- listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

whichever какой бы ни Whichever option we choose there'll be disadvantages.


Let's start with the speaking test

This part of the test lasts for about 13 minutes and there are three parts. In the first part you talk about yourself, your family, your work, things like that. In the second part you'll be given a topic to talk about, and then some time to prepare yourself and then give your talk. In the third and final part, the examiner will ask some questions connected to the topic in part two.


Now moving on to listening test,

this part of the test lasts around 40 minutes, and you have to answer 40 questions that might be multiple-choice, note completion, matching, things like that. There are four sections, and you hear each section only once.


So on to the writing test.

As I said there are different modules for academic and general training, but either way, the test takes 60 minutes and there are two parts to the test, so you have to write two things. Skip to 2 minutes and 41 seconds You have to write at least 150 words for part one and at least 250 words for part two. The type of task depends on the paper. The academic paper gives you the sort of task you might have to do in university studies.


Finally, the reading part of the test.

Again there are different modules, but whether you're doing academic or general training, you'll have to answer 40 questions in one hour. These might be multiple-choice questions or matching parts of sentences or completing notes, things like that. There are three sections and different types of text.


a short piece of writing or music that is part of a larger piece: You'll read a passage about exam stress and what to do to help to overcome it

passage /ˈpæs·ɪdʒ/


words written or printed at the top of a text as a title



It has suddenly hit me that this year I will sit my last ever exams

It has suddenly hit me



a very difficult task that you can do only by making a great effort; cтараться изо всех сил, сопротивляться


my nerves still take over

take over - to get control of or responsibility for something


I’ve made a list of a few of my personal tips for dealing with exam stress.

tip - a piece of useful advice


I should cut down on the amount of tea I make

cut down on the amount of tea


otherwise my whole day will be one big revision break/ I love running. I find that it makes a perfect revision break

revision /rɪˈvɪʒ.ən/ переработка, исправление, повторение пройденного материала


If any of you are sitting exams this year, I wish you the best of luck!

If any of you are sitting exams this year


Everyone has their own ways of coping with exam time

cope - to deal quite successfully with a difficult situation, справляться
How do you cope with stress?


In each of those areas, you'll get a Band Score from 1-- the lowest-- to 9-- the highest: fluency and coherence. Do you speak without much hesitation(нерешительность, сомнение) and do you use a range of different ways to connect your ideas?

fluent - able to use a language naturally without stopping or making mistakes
свободно говорящий She is fluent in six languages; coherent - связный, логичный, последовательный If someone is coherent, you can understand what they say.
говорящий разборчиво, членораздельно


lexical resource. Can you talk accurately about any topic and use idiomatic language?

лексические ресурсы


grammatical range and accuracy. This describes both the range of different grammatical structures you can use and how well you use them.

range - the amount or number between a particular set of limits предел, диапазон;
accuracy/ˈækjərəsi/how correct or exact something is точность.


pronunciation. Can you be easily understood at all times? The average of those four scores will be your final Band Score for the speaking paper.