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Who won the election in 1997?

Who did it remove from power?
What contributed to this win ?(3)

What was the turnout and majority ?

Blair’s new labour

John major
-Conservative ongoing divisions
-Poor leadership
-Inability to appear relevant to contemporary society

71.4% 179


What were the party policies and manifestos in 1997 for Labour ?(4)

-Blair's policy of modernisation
-Tough on law and order
-Links to business community
-Constitutional reform


What was the election campaign like in 1997 for labour?(3) which helped appeal to?

Ideas taken from who?

-Advertising analyst
-Focus groups

middle class voters



What was the wider political context in 1997?
Labour victory ?(4)

-Failure of John major-party divisions
-Sexual/financial scandals in media
-Recovering from recession
-Divisions over EU


what were the key factors in the 2017 general election? (4)

-Employment status


Arguments for the wider use of
referendums? (5)

-electorate decide constitutional issues
-settle long standing disputes e.g. voting
-promotes participation
-strengthen democracy
-better educate and inform electorate


No wider use of referendums? (7)

-undermine parliament authority
-impose decision on reluctant parliament
-asked more then once 'right' answer
-makes society very divisive
-misleading campaigns/ simplify distort
-public lack specialised knowledge
-to regular lead to disillusion/apathy


What are the 6 things to talk about if asked about trends in voting behaviour?

-partisan dealignment
-ethnic groups


What are short-term factors affecting voting? (6)

-Rational choice theory
-Issue voting
-Party leader
-Governing policy (control of events/policy/party unity/strong leadership)
-Economic management


What is a limitation of an opinion poll?

more valued is a?

shy Torie voters

exit poll (but still has this limitation)


-Social media

strict rules to be fair/appropriate
no such boundaries by declining readership
28% young people news source not taken seriously enough fake news


winning elections: the media vs parties
FOR ?(5)

-gain info from media not manifestos
-swayed by headlines not policies
-parties conscious of media image seek to control news agenda
-winning parties supported by press
-media continues to grow


winning elections: the media vs parties

-issues that dominate come from parties
-parties use media uniting party/media
-public choose media that reflects their views
-media follows/reflects publics view rather than create.