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ways to incorporate CSR management in Society’s health and welfare 6

woolies earn and learn program, helps getting equipment for schools


ways to incorporate CSR management in the Concern for workforce and families 4

Providing a flexible work atmosphere for its employees
Lessening noise pollution from a factory
Allowing employees to volunteer their time for other non-profit organisations
Employing local workers


what is the triple bottom line

The social, economic and environmental performance of a business.


A triple bottom line measures the company’s:

• economic value

• ‘people account’, which measures the company’s degree of social responsibility

• ‘planet account’, which measures the company’s environmental responsibility.


what is ecological sustainability

occurs when economic growth meets the needs of the present population without endangering the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


what is business ethics

The application of moral standards to business behaviour.


why are business ethics important

Businesses want to be seen as responsible corporate citizens, conscious of the high ethical standards expected of them by their customers and society at large.


what is a sustainability report

a comprehensive report of what a business has done, and is doing, with regard to social issues that affect it.


By reviewing our initial KPIs we can

Analyse the size and extent of any transformation
We can identify the areas we had the most success in and the ones which require additional effort or time to be achieved, or we can
Consider an alternative management strategy if we didn’t achieve the results we were looking for


importance of KPIs

Review KPI’s to evaluate effectiveness of business transformation
Assess sources of data KPI’s
Consider driving and restraining forces, strategic position and new opportunities
Consider management strategies to respond to KPI’s
Implement management strategy considering Lewin’s Three step change model