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What are performance management strategies

The management of employees, departments and organisation to ensure that goals and objectives are being reached efficiently and effectively.


what does performance management strategies focus on

focuses on both improving both Biz + employees performance through relating business performance objectives to individual employee performance objectives


List the performance management strategies (4

employee observation
performance appraisal
management by objectives
employee self evaluation


What does employee observation consist of and what does it seek

observing an empee in the work place
seek opinions variety, on performance of employees Aimed to get feedback from variety of parties
eg. observing empee at work + mystery shoppers


advantage of employee observation

if anon, understands real work performance


disadvantage of employee observation

performs unnaturally either better/nervously when being observed


what is performance appraisal

The formal assessment of how efficiently + effectively empee performs role in biz


5 main objectives of a performance appraisal

1. provide feedback from management ti employees regarding work performance
2. act as a measurement against which promotion + pay rises can be determined
3. Help biz monitor empe selection
4. identify empe T+D
5. identify new objs > future performance


what are the forms of appraisal(3

Essay: Journal on each empe, notes restricted to specific aspects, cust serv, sales

Critical incident : only collects good/bad aspects of performance

comparison method: empes are ranked on performance characteristics, incorporates statistical values for measurement


advantage of performance appraisal

Very logical + procedural accurate info


disadvantages of performance appraisal (2

People nervous, may just only focus on box ticking forget other things
make sure targets = clear + well written


what is management by objectives

strategy that aims to improve the performance of a business by clearly defining objectives that are agreed to by both management and employees


what does management by objectives help with (2

allows work to be completed step by step > calm + productive manner,
helps empes see accomplishments as achieve each obj ~ reinforcing positive work environments


eg if MBO

BUS OBJ: ^profit 10% HOW: make ^ 10% product EMPE OBJ: 10% produce rate^ over 6 month EMPE TASKS ^ speed of production


adv of MBO

Very focused and clear to empees


disad of MBO

Must be very clear + targeted, time required to set goals


what is employee evaluation

Empee carrying out process of self assessment
to get individual to reflect on own performance = Aim


adv of employee evaluation

good to understand S+W before other assessments


disad of employee evaluation

One may inflate self perception


what is performance feedback

The info provided to empee after performance appraisal


what is termination

The ending of the employment of an employee


what is redundancy

Redundancy = When persons job no exist no more, coz tech changes, biz restructure, merger + acquisition


what is retrenchment

Retrenchment = When biz dismisses empee coz c’e no enough work to justify paying em


what is retirement

= When empee decides to give up full/part time work (usually 60-65) and when People who no longer need or wish to work


reasons for retirement

Reasons = can access superannuation + qualifying age to receive pension 65.5 (by 2023 = 67)


what is resugnation and what must the empee do

= voluntary ending of employment occurs when empee chooses 2 leave eg. quitting
empee must give notice in advanced


reasons to resignation

reasons = unsatisfied with work, career advancement, offered better role, boredom, change in life style.


what is dismissal

occurs when the behaviour of an employee is unacceptable and a business terminates their employment


what are the types of dismissal

dismissal on notice
summary dismissal
unfair dismissal


what is dismissal on notice

dismissal on notice = empee poorly performs + notice on when their final shift will be and warnings may occur