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Disclosure - Collateral

1. policy for requiring collateral or other security due to repurchase agreements or securities lending transactions

2. carrying amount and classification of pledged assets as collateral that are not reclassified and separately reported in the balance sheet

3. fair value of collateral that can be sold or repledged and information about the sources and uses of that collateral


Disclosure - extinguished debt

1. general description of the transaction
2. amount of debt that was considered extinguished at the end of the period


Disclosure - description of assets set aside for satisfying scheduled payments of a specific obligation



Disclosure - nonestimable fair value of assets

1. amounts of servicing assets or liabilities recognized and amortized during the period

2. fair value on recognized servicing assets and liabilities and the method used to estimate the fair value

3. risk characteristics of the underlying financial assets used to stratify recognized servicing assets

4. activity in any valuation allowance for impairment of recognized servicing assets


Disclosures - servicing assets and servicing liabilities

1. accounting policies for measuring the retained interest
2. characteristics of securitizations and the gain or loss from the sale
3. key assumptions used in measuring the fair values of retained interests at time of securitization
4. cash flows between the securitization SPE and the transferor


Transfer of securitized financial assets accounted for as a sale
Retained interests in secured financial assets

1. accounting policies for subsequently measuring retained interests
2. key assumptions used in subsequently measuring the fair value of retained interests
3. sensitivity analysis or stress test showing hypothetical effect of unfavorable variations on the retained interests' fair value, including limitations of analysis


Disclosures - securitized assets

1. total principal outstanding portion derecognized and portion that continues to be recognized
2. delinquencies at end of period
3. credit losses net of recoveries