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A new OC3 experiencing intermittent connectivity and loss of signal alarms. A network administrator finds all the cables are properly connected. There is excess cable between the patch panel and the network node. The cables were forced into their storage compartments about the rack. Which of the following is MOST likely cause of the connectivity issue and alarms?
A. The OC2 was improperly provisioned.
B. The cable was improperly crimped.
C. The bend radius of the cable has been exceeded.
D. The new OC3 cable is experiencing EMI.

Answer: C


A software company is meeting with a car manufactures to finalize discussions. In the signed document, the software company will provide the latest versions of its mapping application suite for the car manufacturer’s next generation of cars. In return, the car manufacturer will provide three specific vehicle analytics to the software company to enhance the software company’s mapping application suite. The software company can offer its enhanced mapping application to other car manufacturer but must pay the car manufacturer a royalty. Which of the following BEST describes this document?

Answer: D


A common technique used by malicious individuals to perform a man-in-the-middle attack on a wireless network is:
A. ARP cache poisoning
B. amplified DNS attacks
C. sessions hijacking
D. creating an evil twin

Answer: A


Two office buildings are connected via copper network cabling buried in the ground. During local construction, the second building suffers a permanent network outage. Which of the following are MOST likely the causes of the outage? (Select two.)
A. Crosstalk
B. Open circuit
C. Short circuit
D. Signal attenuation
E. Electromagnetic interference

Answer: B,C


A home user is configuring a wireless router and must decide which wireless standard to use. The user has many devices that require a lot of bandwidth and must be able to communicate at a far distance from the router. Which of the following wireless standards will BEST meet the home user’s requirements?
A. 802.11a
B. 802.11b
C. 802.11g
D. 802.11n

Answer: D


Patches have just need released by a third-party vendor to resolve a major vulnerability. There are over 100 critical devices that need to be updated. Which of the following actions should be taken to ensure the patch is installed with minimal downtime?
A. Test the patch in a lab environment and then install it in the production network during the next scheduled maintenance:
B. Download and install all patches in the production network during the next scheduled maintenance period.
C. Configure end points to automatically download and install the patches.
D. Deploy the patch in a lab environment and immediately install it in the production environment.

Answer: D


While installing new network equipment, a network administrator wants to add infrastructure to keep the cables organized in the environment. The administrator also needs cables to be easily removed or added due to the constantly changing environment. Which of the following will BEST fulfill the requirement?
A. Hook and loop straps
B. Ladder trays
C. Raised floor
D. Cable ties

Answer: B


Which of the following functions would be used to securely monitor and actively manage external connections?
A. VPN concentrator
C. Load balancer
D. Packet shaper

Answer: A


After receiving an IP lease from a DHCP server, when will a client first contact the DHCP server again to renew the lease?
A. After ¼ of the lease has expired
B. After ½ of the lease has expired.
C. After ¾ of the lease has expired
D. After the entire lease has expired

Answer: B


Which of the following describes a process that can translate internal network IP addresses to external ones?
A. Change control
D. Remote terminal emulation

Answer: B


A client requests that the network technician install additional hardware into multiple racks. Device placement has been properly mapped out within the racks to allow for suitable air flow. Additionally, the power has been balanced between the racks to allow for the additional equipment. Which of the following should the technician employ to follow best practices after installation of the equipment?
A. Rack security
B. Rach monitoring
C. Generator testing
D. Device labeling

Answer: A


A security department notices that the ports on a FTP server are experiencing a high rate of traffic, preventing legitimate traffic from reaching the server. Which of the following would the security department implement to identify and trap new attacks?
A. Honeynet
E. Firewall

Answer: B


A technician is configuring an ACL and needs to allow for traffic from a server to assign IP addresses to network devices. Which of the following ports and protocols should the technician configure? (Select two.)
A. 67
B. 53
C. 161

Answer: A,F


When setting up a new network monitoring utility, a technician finds that some devices are not reporting correctly. Which of the following would MOST likely be required to correct the issue with an SNMP enabled monitoring utility?
A. Updating MIBS
B. Enabling port mirroring
C. Enabling jumbo frames
D. Configuring half duplex

Answer: A


A new fiber optic cable run has been installed, but users connected through the new cable are immediately reporting latency problems. Which of the following should the technician check?
B. Connector mismatch
C. Crosstalk
D. Bend radius

Answer: D


A company has separate subnets for each floor. A technician has moved a device from one floor to another and manually configured only the static IP address. The device can reach other devices on the floor in the same subnet, but it cannot reach devices on other floors. Which of the following should be configured to allow this device to work?
A. Gateway
C. Port speed
E. Subnet mask

Answer: E


An organization is upgrading the operating system on several servers and wants to keep legacy input devices. Which of the following needs to be verified before the upgrade to ensure the input devices will be supported after the upgrade?
A. Driver updates
B. Virtual terminals
C. Firmware updates
D. IP address assignments

Answer: A


A technician is installing new PCs on the network. After installing the latest patches and OS updates, a user is receiving an “unsupported version” error message when accessing a webbased application. Which of the following should the technician perform to fix this issue?
A. Upgrade SNMP to SNMPv3
B. Switch from HTTP to HTTPS
C. Roll back the web browser to a previous version
D. Roll back the OS to a previous version

Answer: D


A user is unable to log into the network successfully. Which of the following are steps of the troubleshooting methodology used to identify the problem?
A. Use troubleshooting tools
B. Document actions
C. Duplicate problem
D. Identify effects of resolution
E. Question users

Answer: B,C,E


When introducing new devices to the network, the organization’s security policy requires that devices be monitored to establish normal traffic patterns for the device. Which of the following is generated from initial monitoring?
B. Baseline
C. Forensic log
D. Vulnerability assessment

Answer: B


administrator has configured EAP-TLS to support NAC on the network. The company is trying to implement which of the following standards?
A. Kerberos
C. 802.3af
D. 802.1x

Answer: D


UDP is BEST used for:
A. remote desktop connections
B. file download
C. streaming media
D. secure tunneling

Answer: C


A network administrator believes that the traffic from a load balancer is only being sent to a single backend server. However, the administrator does not have administrative access to the load balancers or the backend servers. Which of the following should the administrator do to verify this suspicion?
A. Selectively disable the switch ports connected to the load balancers to determine if traffic is still flowing.
B. Enable port mirroring on the switch connected to the backend servers and analyze the traffic captured.
C. Create a port channel on the switch that includes all of the backend servers and verify the interfaces all have equal traffic.
D. Configure the switch port connected to the load balancer’s ingress port to send traffic to a collector for analysis.

Answer: B


A technician is configuring mobile devices for new employees. Which of the following documents should be updated to show that the new employees are receiving these mobile devices?
A. Network diagram
B. Asset management
C. Organizational chart
D. Standard operating procedure
E. Change management

Answer: B


Given the following system requirements: Automatically assigns IP addresses Only authorized workstations can be connected Notify the network administrator of potentially malicious activity Which of the following must be implemented to satisfy these conditions? (Select three.)
B. Content filtering
C. MAC filtering
G. DHCP server
H. URL cache
I. Load balancer

Answer: C,D,G


A company technician has set up the network so that all external protections and internal protections across the network are segregated from any malicious attacks and there are firewalls configured on both sides of the DMZ. During the configuration review of the device installation, there is evidence of unauthorized network traffic penetrating the internal network. Which of the following is either missing or incorrectly configured in the firewall settings?
A. Stateful settings
D. Implicit deny
E. Stateless settings

Answer: A


Users report they are receiving an unusual amount of suspicious email from the network administrator. Which of the following is the cause of this security issue?
A. Ping of death
B. DDoS attack
C. Jamming
D. Malware

Answer: D


A network technician has been asked to add a user to an administrative group on the network. Which of the following change management procedures should be followed?
A. Network configuration
B. Potential impact analysis
C. Rollback process
D. Approval process

Answer: D


Which of the following is an advantage of utilizing a Layer 2 switch rather than a hub?
A. A switch avoids broadcast storms
B. A switch detects frame collisions
C. A switch increases broadcast domains
D. A switch increases collision domains

Answer: B


A technician has deployed a new VPN concentrator. The device needs to authenticate users based on a backend directory service. Which of the following services could be run on the VPN concentrator to perform this authentication?
A. Kerberos
D. IPsec

Answer: B