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What is effective communication?

exists between two people when the receiver interprets the sender's message in the same way the sender intended it.


SOLER attending skills -describe

Square on (S) - Face the person squarely i.e. adopt a posture that indicates involvement.

Open posture (O) - Adopt an open posture - do not cross arms or legs, this is a sign you are open to the person and what they have to say.

Lean forward (L) - Remember at times to lean forward - this enhances communication because it indicates interest.

Eye contact (E) - Maintain good eye contact - a way of saying "I'm with you, I want to hear what you have to say".

Relax (R) - Try to be relatively relaxed. Don't fidget nervously or show distracting facial expressions.


What do you do to perform active listening?

OBSERVE non-verbal behaviour carefully
ASK QUESTIONS for information and clarification
PARAPHRASE or repeat back what has been said


5 C's of written communication?

C lear

C omplete

C orrect

C oncise

C ourteous