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What are the 3 main components of motion?

1. Speed

2. Direction

3. Acceleration (change in speed)


Give the equation for average speed

average speed (m/s) = distance (m) ÷ time (s)

v = d ÷ t


What is the difference between speed and velocity?

  • Speed is scalar, so doesn’t include direction
  • Velocity is a vector, so has a direction


Give an equation for acceleration


What is the value of acceleration due to gravity at the Earth’s surface?

9.81 m/s²


Explain how terminal velocity is reached

  • Initially in free fall, the only force is weight, causing acceleration downwards
  • As speed increases, air resistance (which acts upwards) increases
  • This decreases the resultant force
  • Eventually air resistance = weight, so there is no resultant force, resulting in terminal velocity


What is deceleration?

Negative acceleration (slowing down, decreasing speed).