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Common muscle tissue characteristics

1. Well vascularized
2. Many cells close together
3. Elongated
4. Contains myofilaments (contractile proteins)


Skeletal muscle tissue

Rod-like cells. Striations perpendicular to axis of cells. Several nuclei on periphery of cell. Always generate heat (imp for body temperature)


Cardiac muscle tissue

one of many nuclei but always in middle of cell. Striations perpendicular to cell. Intercalated discs for impulse. Found in heart only


Smooth muscle tissue

One nucleus in middle of cell. No striation. Spindle shaped-cells. Found in hollow organs


Nervous tissue

Made of
Neurons: conduct electrical impulse. Only in grey matter. Made of cell body, dendrites (receive stimuli) and axons (generate nerve impulse and transmit).
Glial cells: support neurons. In grey and white matter.
Nervous tissue are found in brain, spinal cords and nerves.