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What is tissue regeneration?

Growth of cells and tissue to replace lost structures
- complete reconstruction of superficial wounds, intact tissue framework
- tissues with high proliferative capacity eg. liver regeneration
true regeneration = bone following fracture, epithelium following injury


What 2 things make up tissue repair?

Combination of regeneration and scar formation
- deep wounds eg. myocardial infarction


Healing by scar formation
- what happens after severe tissue injury?

damage to parenchyma and stroma
Fibro-proliferative response:
- deposition of collagen and ECM components
Persistent damage = chronic inflammation = fibrosis


What is the sequence of healing?

Angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels)
Migration & proliferation of parenchymal cells and fibroblasts
Scar formation
Connective tissue formation


Healing by first and secondary intention

First: edges of wounds near to each other eg. surgical wound sutured together
Secondary: edges of wound not close to each other eg. more granulation tissue


What are the local factors affecting wound healing?

Size, location type, infectious (foreign bodies delaying healing


What are the systemic factors affecting wound healing?

Nutritional status, metabolic status, circulatory/vascular status, hormones (glucocorticoids)


What are the 3 complications of tissue repair?

Deficient scar formation
Excessive repair
- excessive granulation tissue
- excessive collagen accumulation = hypertrophic scar
Formation of contractures