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What could the word "Tissue" mean in terms of a metaphor?

It could show the fragility of life and how when we die people will forget about us quickly as when a tissue is thrown away.

When we are born we are a fresh baby tissue in its packet but also how quickly life passes for a human but also a tissue is used then chucked away.


Outline how the poem describes objects and beings as Tissues in the poem.

She writes that the buildings are like tissue which could be a reference to the Twin Towers being soft after they were hit by the two planes on 9/11.

The tissue like papers of the Koran as this is relevant to the poet as she is a Muslim.

Buildings that fly away like tissues which shows everything's fragility and also overall unimportant on the planet. Tissues are meaningless as are humans lives.


Where is the poet from?

She did live in Pakistan as a child but later moved to Scotland and got an education there. This may be why she feels like a Muslim and has roots in Pakistan but she also feels an allegiance to Britain and the values that are here.