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What is a stroke?

Occurs when there is a rapid death of brain tissue die to a disturbance in the blood supply
Thrombus formation may block blood flow - stops brain getting the oxygen and nutrition it needs
Persists beyond 24 hours


What is a transient ischaemic attack (TIA)?

A mini stroke
Symptoms resolve completely after 24 hours


List 5 factors for stroke

1. Inactivity
2. High BP
3. Heart disease
4. Smoking - damages endothelium = collagen = releases platelets
5. Obesity


How is blood supplied to the brain?

1. Carotid arteries
2. Vertebral arteries
3. Basilar artery
4. Communicating arteries


What is the role of the communicating arteries?

Used for cross-over flow when damage in one of the arteries


What is the role of the Circle of Willis

Anterior communicating artery allows temporary blood flow to areas of the brain where the blood supplied is blocked


What causes a thrombosis

When the atherosclerotic plaque ruptures
This interrupts blood supply to the neurons
Rapid death of brain tissues leads to loss of brain function


Define: Ischemia

Starving of oxygen
Mainly due to thrombosis


List 2 causes of an ischemic stroke

1. Thrombosis
2. Embolism


What is an embolism?

Portion of a blood clot (embolus) can travel to the brain and stop the blood flow
Heart is the common source of embolisms


What are the 2