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-Begins by asking permission to speak
-reminds job that he had consoled suferers before by speaking the truth of religion; righteous never destroyed, wicked will be punished


ELIPHAZ; First speech

-suffering is to discipline and instruct righteous, because all men are imperfect in God's eyes


ELIPHAZ; Second Speech

-in his second speech, he loses patience for Job and his unwillingness to learn from his elders


ELIPHAZ; third speech

-he invents a long catalogue of crimes committed by Job (not seen in the story up until now)
-If Job would repent, he would be restored



-Jumps into the situation
-Driven by anger at Job's denial of God's justice


BILDAD; Speech one

-Since Job's children were killed, they must have sinned-
-Uses a parable of two plants that symbolize the short lived prosperity of the wicked, and the ultimate triumph of the righteous


BILDAD; Speech two

-Job knows his three friends must feel insulted
-Bildad explains the punishment of the sinner; his person, his family, his very name, all will be destroyed


BILDAD; Speech Three

-talks about the glory and power of God
-Reveals God's greatness in the sky and the earth
-Man can only understand a minutia of His greatness



-The youngest of his friends
-far less restrained than Bildad, jumps in and attacks job
-Insistence that Job's insistence upon his righteousness is arrogant and false


ZOPHAR; speech one

-God is punishing Job for sins that only God knows
-If Job wants to be restored to peace and well-being, he need only repent, then he would be worthy of God's forgiveness


ZOPHAR; Speech two

-Adds nothing new
-Describes the short-lived prosperity of the wicked and the inevitible doom that comes to the sinner and his children


ZOPHAR; Speech three

-presents conventional doctrine in the simplest form - the wicked will be punished by God
-If the evil-doer has children, they will die by sword or famine


Long term value of suffering

-in our compassion, we don't like to see people suffer
-If we really want to reach out to those who are suffering, we should be careful not to be like Job's friends
-Not doing our helping with the presumptions that we can fix everything
-Stop trying to prevent suffering, enter into the suffering
-Stop feeling sorry for people who suffer, look up to them instead


Response of the three friends from God

-God told them they had falsely taught about them
-He would have to go sacrifice bulls and rams as an offering of themselves
- God told them to receive prayer from Job, then they will be forgiven of their follies