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What is thematic analysis?

-Identifying and analysing themes within qualitative data
-Includes an element of interpreting data
-Involves finding related patterns of meanings (themes) within your data sets


What are the phases of Thematic analysis?

1. Familiarising yourself with the text
2.Generating initials codes
3. Searching for themes
4. Reviewing themes
5. Defining and naming themes
6. Producing a report


What are some pitfalls with thematic analysis?

-Failure to analyse data
-Using the interview questions as themes
-Weak analysis: themes don't make sense, overlap too much or fail to capture data
-Mismatch between analytical claims and data, not backed up


What is descriptive phenomenology?

-Emphasis on bracketing out prior knowledge and biases
-Aims to get a pure understanding


What is interpretative phenomenology?

-Similar aims but emphasis on the impossibility of separating description and interpretation
-Use knowledge and assumptions to better understand


IPA methods: purposive sampling

-Participants are selected for the relevance of a research question
-Participants share similar characteristics


IPA methods: ideographic approach

-Focus on engagement with individuals cases
-Integration comes late in the research process


IPA methods: double hermeneutic

-First, participant tries to understand their experience
-Then, researcher tries to understand and interpret their account


What are the stages of IPA?

1. Reading and re-reading test
2. Identify and label themes
3. Structuring the themes
4. Summary table


What is integration of cases?

-Aim to generate a list of master themes that capture the participants shared experiences
-Can make a summary table for each case
-Summary table is constantly being reworked
-End up with a master summary table