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what artery does the long thoracic nerve run with?

subscapular artery


woman w a teardrop deformity of her breast and rapidly growing mass?

phyllodes tumor: careful, they can be confused clinically/radiographically/histologically with fibroadenoma


treatment of choice for phyllodes tumor? benign vs malignant?

wide local excision with at least 1cm margin for both benign and malignant, rarely go to lymph nodes


how do malignant phyllodes tumors spread?



strongest risk factor for development of angiosarcoma?

lymphedema, but can also arise in radiation naiive pts de novo


how do you differentiate angiosarcoma from hemangioma?

presence of necrosis


treatment of angiosarcoma?

wide excision to negative margin, no need to do SLNBx


what is batson plexus?

venules that encircle the vertebrae and course along the spine, path for metastasis of breast and prostate cancer to the spine/spinal cord


what is the single most important predictor of 10-20 year survival rates in breast ca?

number of axillary lymph nodes involved with metastatic dx


what is stewart treves syndrome?

deadly malignancy that forms in chronically edematous limbs ie lymphedema after modified radical mastectomy, mets to lungs early on, tx = wide excision and debridement often amputation


what is one connective tissue disorder that is NOT a contraindication to breast conserving treatment?

Rheumatoid arthritis (SLE and scleroderma are bc they may be exacerbated by radiation therapy)


MOA tamoxifen

an estrogen agonist but a competitive estrogen antagonist in the breast