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The Patient Care Partnership (5)

-replaces the patients bill of rights
-plainer language
-patient needs to be involved
-patient is consumer of goods
-patient is primary decision maker


The Patient Care Partnership sets the standard for (5)

-high quality patient care
-clean safe environment
-involvement in healthcare
-protection of privacy
-help when leaving hospital
-help with billing claims


Patient Basic Needs (6)

For patient, surgery is physical, social, psychological, spiritual event

-regulation of body process
-fluid balance
-elimination of waste


Self-Actualization of patient (3)

-patients rights
-participation in establishing goals
-decision making about healthcare


Preoperative Preparation of the Patient

-medical history and physical exam
-lab tests: H&H, BUN, CBC, UA, Type and cross match
-chest xray
-ECG/EKG (electro cardiogram)
-Diagnostic procedures
-Oral medications


Lab Test: BUN

Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
-kidney function
-value 8-18mg
-Increased BUN: dehydration, deceased kidney function, GI bleed


Lab Test: CBC

Complete Blood Count (CBC)
-RBC 4.2-6.2 million/mm, decrease means possible anemia
-WBC 5000-10000 million/mm, elevation indicates infection


Preoperative Preparation of the Patient (9)

-oral medications
-hair removal, skin prep, preoperative hygiene
-nail polish, acrylic nails are removes
-levin tube (inserted into stomach)
-basal line vital signs


Preoperative Preparation of the Patient pt2 (8)

-hospital attire
-IV fluid to maintain fluid balance
-bowel prep
-communication barriers
-personal belongings
-body piercings
-patient expression of death (surgeon immediately notified)


Critical Readiness For Discharge (12)

-vital signs
-respiratory status
-mental status
-oral intake
-anesthesia considerations