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Cause - Citizenship: Cary and Scullard

"war coalition to extort the franchise [citizenship] by force"


Cause - citizenship: Boatwright et al

"organising to claim by force the status which Rome would not offer through legislation"


Cause - citizenship: Gabba

"mostly as a result of the rapid deterioration in the general political situation"


Outcome - unification: Cornell

"the logical result was Roman domination of the entire Italian peninsula"


Appian Civil Wars

"in despair of any other remedy, went on with their mobilisation"


Issue with Appian?

He is writing in a time when the Italians had been citizens for some time, and also been extended to Gaul. Therefore his perception of what the Italians wanted could be distorted because, for him, the desire for citizenship is so obvious


After the Gracchi...

Gracchan reforms attacked Italian use of ager publicus... and they knew it!


Livius Drussus

Tribune in 91
Proposed legislation to make Italians all Roman citizens
Other laws: proposed new colonies, changes to law courts, alterations to the senate
Some laws were passed but then invalidated
He was assassinated while tribune


The 'Italian' situation

No share in political office
No say in determining politics
No access to ager publicus
No legal protection against Roman generals
No right to appeal at court


89 BCE

Lex Plautia-Papiria and the lex Pompeia


Lex Plautia-Papiria

grant of Roman citizenship to all free persons who resident in any allied community and who would register before a Roman praetor within 60 days


Lex Pompeia

extension of Roman citizenship to all free persons residing in Cisalpine Gaul south of the river Po and grant of latin citizenship rights to all those living north of the river



All towns in Italy became Municipii or coloniae


A result?

Allies got citizenship but there was political turbulence in Rome following.
Samnites kept fighting - did they want independence?