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Luca - 56 BC

Caesar convinces Pompey and Crassus to renew the triumvirate
New deal: Delay consular elections for 55, Caesar's veterans enure election of Pompey and Crassus, big commands for all three, Clodius and Cicero get along


Remainder of 56 bc

Cato (not younger) and Clodius prevent elections via violence and intimidation.
Crassus and Pompey elected in early 55 via violence


A new era?

Pompey and Crassus are consus for 55.
They pass laws: lex iudiciaria (juries), lex de sodaliciis (bribery), sumptuary law (extravagance) + big commands


The commands

All commands passed by violence
Pompey gets Spain
Crassus gets Syria
Caesar gets five more years in Gaul


Forum Lulium

New public space for Rome, necessary for increased number of trials and courts


Theatre of Caesar

Planning for the future? Eliminating Sullan legacy?


Escalation of political problems

Consuls finally elected for 53 bc.
Clodius delays candidacy for praetorship to aim for 52. T Annius Milo stands for consulship in 52


Death of Clodius 52 bc

Milo and Clodius meet on the via Appia outside Bovillae.
Gangs clash, Clodius stabbed to death by gladiators
He gets cremated in the senate house


Clodius' popularity

Free grain for Roman people
Pushed for freedmen rights
Independent politician
Attacked optimate politicians
Only popular in Rome


Sole consul of Rome

Pompey made sole consul by senate
He brings in troops to restore order
He appoints Ahenobarbus to hold trials for bribery and violence
Cicero defends Milo


Caesar's command - the debate

Marcellus, consul of 51, introduces debate.
Caesar leaves command on the Ides of November
Both Caesar and Pompey resign commands at same time
Voted on in senate - 370 votes for proposal 22 against


49 bc

Caesar declared public enemy
Caesar crosses the Rubicon
'iacta alea est'