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How many layers are there to the skin?

3, epidermis,dermis and subcutaneous layer.


What does DSHAPES stand for?

vitamin D production, Secretion, Heat regulation, Absorption, Protection, Excretion and Sensation.


true or false: is the epidermis waterproof?



What is the subcutaneous layer also known as?

the fatty layer or the hyperdermis.


How many layers are found within the dermis and what is there purpose?

5, this is where the cells are created and go through keratinization to their final form as our skins surface.


Where are the arrector pili muscle, sweat gland, sebaceous gland and hair follicles found?

all within the dermis.


True or false, the sensory nerves start in the epidermis and finish in the subcutaneous layer?

FALSE, it is the other way around, they start in the subcutaneous layer and end in the epidermis.


Name 3 characteristics of 'black' skin...

higher in melanin, prone to keloid scarring, higher production of collagen and elastin, typically have larger sebaceous glands.


Name 3 characteristics of mature skin...

typically dryer, lines and wrinkles are more visible, the skin is more thin and papery due to the dermal papilla now laying flat.


Although blood vessels are small, what would would they circle if they were to be laid out end to end?

the globe.