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Italy after Philippi

Octavian disbanded soldiers but needed land for them.
Not enough money to pay for it.
Italian situation leads to food riots in 41 and 40 bc


Treaty of Misenum

Sextus Pompeius given control of Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and Peloponnese
Promised future consulship to Sextus
Promised end of proscriptions, and return of some proscribed property
End of blockade of Sicily


Alliance with Antony - Tarentum 37 bc

Octavian realises the need to defeat Sextus
Re-division of provinces
Antony gives Octavian 120 ships to fight Sextus
Octavian promises 20,000 soldiers in return.


Marcus Vispanius Agrippa

Trains the fleet
Heads nvy
Defeats sextus
Saves Octavian from his own incompetence?


Antony in the east

He demands reparation from the Greek states
41 bc - he meets Cleopatra
40 bc - Parthian invasion of Syria


30s BC Antony in the east

38 bc - Antony reorganizes the east
37 bc - Antony unsuccessfully invades Parthia which ruins his military prestige


The coming war - political faux pas

35 bc - Octavia arrives in the east and brought 2000 soldiers and money
He accepts the troops but orders her away


Warfare looms

Triumviral powers expire in 33 bc
32 bc - Antony divorces Octavia
Octavian seizes Antony's will and reads it to the senate - senate decares war on cleopatra



Caesarion put to death
Annexation of Egypt
Senators banned from entering the province
Octavian returns to Rome, celebrates a triple triumph in 29 bc over Illyria, Actium and Egypt