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What are the 5 main groups and setting in education system?



What are the 4 main differences between studying young people and studying adult?

-power and status
-ability and understanding
-vulnerability and ethical issues
-laws and guidelines


Why is their a difference between power and status when studying pupils?

Children have less power and status than adults. This makes it more difficult to state their attitudes and views openly.


How do hierarchical institutions give certain people more power? Who are these people? How do they have power? (Researching pupils)

Teachers have power over pupils and a higher status. They can use their power to influence which pupils are selected


What research methods reinforce power differences? (Researching pupils)

Formal research methods
-structured interviews


What are the 2 main issues with researching teachers?

-power and status
-impression management


What are the 2 main issues with researching classrooms?

-peer groups


What are the 4 main issues with researching schools?

-schools own data
-the law
-school organisation


What is the main issue with researching parents?

Access to parents


How can the researchers own experience of education influence research?

Everyone has had an experience of education and researchers can use their own experiences of education to influence the results of the research