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First Punic War date

264-241 BCE


The Second Punic War date

218-202/1 BCE


The Third Punic War date

149-146 BCE


What were the Punic Wars?

Wars fought against Carthage; the other major power of the time. The first one was fought entirely at Sicily. The second one in Spain, Sicily and Carthage. The third one at Carthage alone.


Events leading up the Punic Wars

280s - Sicily raided by the Mamertines
Mid 280s - Mamertines take Messina
270-260s - Syracuse under Hiero defeats the Mamertines at the Battle of Longanus. The Mamertines appealed for help to the Carthaginians. Carthage put a citadel into Messina. The Mamertines appeal for help to the Romans...the senate took their time...


Main events of the First Punic War

263 - Hiero concedes to Rome
262 - Agrigentum falls to Rome
260 - Naval battle at Mylae
256 - Rome invades Africa
255 - Major Roman fleet lost
249 - naval battle at Drepana
241 - naval battle of the Aegates islands


Causes of the Second Punic War

220 - Rome sends embassy to Hannibal, after Saguntum appeals to Rome
219 - Hannibal puts Saguntum under siege
218 - Rome declares war - two armies (Spain and Africa0.


Third Punic War

Carthage's war with Massinissa
149 BCE - Rome sends fleet against Utica, Carthage surrenders.
But.. Rome decides to destroy it, and it is destroyed by 146 BCE.