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What happened at the battle of hastings?

It was a battle in 1066 in which the Normans defeated an Anglo-Saxon army, paving the way for William of Normandy to become king of England.


What general things changed in England after the battle other than crime and punishment?

After the battle of Hastings William was faced with controlling 2 million Anglo-Saxons with just 7000 Norman soldiers; castles were put up all over England to help do this. William built or rebuilt many churches in the Norman style. The language of the country also started to change.


How did the Normans change the law?

The majority of Anglo-Saxon laws remained unchanged, but a few new laws were introduced like the Murmdrum fine and Forest laws.


What was a Murmdrum fine?

This was a fine the whole community had to pay if any Norman was killed. It was created in order to deter possible rebellion.


What were the Forest laws?

These were laws introduced to protect Norman hunting ground by preventing people from hunting in the forests. Trees could not be cut down for buildings and fuel. Those living near forests could not own a dog or bows and arrows. Anyone caught hunting dear had their first two fingers cut off and repeat offenders were blindfolded.


How did the norman conquest impact England's crime?

It is said the Normans made England a more law-abiding place.


What forms of law enforcement were kept when the Normans came to power?

They kept tithings, trial by ordeal and hue and cry.


What new form of trial by ordeal was introduced?

Trial by combat.


What was trial by combat?

The accused fought with the accuser, until one was killed or unable to fight on (if they couldn't fight on they were put to death anyway by hanging). They were highly religious so believed that God would grant victory to the one who was not guilty.


What is the King's Peace?

The right of everyone to be safe from crime. This was a continuity from the Anglo-Saxons era.


How did the invasion of the Normans impact Wergild?

William ordered that fines should no longer be paid to the victim or their family, but instead to the king's officials.


What punishments were used by Normans?

They used fines, stocks, pillories, corporal punishments, maiming and hanging. There was a significant increase in hanging for new crimes.