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What is social crime prevention 

Attempts to address the underlying social factors that may lead to criminal behaviour


What are examples of situtaional crime prevention

  • Installing security alarms and bars on windows
  • Computer passwords and internet firewalls to deter data theft
  • Classical music in shopping centres to deter young people congregating
  • CCTV installation (good deterrence and useful for evidence)
  • Magnetic tags attached to clothing to set off alarm at the door
  • No alcohol zones to curb alcohol related incidents


What are social factors contributing to criminal behvaiour

  • Poor home environment and parenting
  • Social and economic disadvantage
  • Poor school attendance
  • Referred to as ‘Justice Reinvestment’


What are examples of government expenditure on social crime prevention

  • Educational programs in schools to raise education levels of students ‘at risk’
  • Parenting workshops for parents from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Youth programs to teach dispute resolution skills and social skills
  • Four Corners ‘Backing Bourke’ Sept 2016, Just Reinvest


Why do most people obey the law

  • Many laws simply regulate behaviour which we generally agree should be regulated
  • We are educated to think that certain behaviour should not be allowed
  • People fear punishment
  • People fear public condemnation
  • Comply with legal system so it may protect them


Results of Bourke KPMG assessment

  • Family strength: a 23% reduction in police recorded incidence of domestic violence and comparable drops in rates of reoffending

  • Youth development: a 31% increase in year 12 student retention rates and a 38% reduction in charges across the top five juvenile offence categories

  • Adult empowerment: a 14% reduction in bail breaches and 42% reduction in days spent in custody