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True or false
In spite of the huge internal pressures on the government, the apartheid state did not collapse.



What created the climate for change?

It was the added pressure of external factors that created the climate for change.


During the 1980s, ____ pressure on the government increased significantly.



Name the factors that helped end apartheid? (3)

-International anti-apartheid movements
-Sanctions and boycotts, the ANC in exile
-Support for the resistance struggle by the frontline states in Africa all played a role in ending apartheid.


What triggered International opposition to apartheid?

After the shootings at Sharpeville in 1960, and even more so after the harsh repression of the Soweto uprising in 1976, there was greater awareness on the international front of the injustices of apartheid and increasing resistance to these injustices in South Africa.


Who criticized the apartheid government?

The government was widely criticized, both by Western governments and at the United Nations.


What did the protests in other countries call for?

Protest demonstrations were held in many countries, and calls were made for the sporting and cultural isolation of South Africa, as well as for economic sanctions.


Anti-apartheid organizations were established in several European countries, and some European governments, such as ____ and the ____, supported the ANC financially.