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Why are these ideas of eugenics condemned?

They led to severe abuse of human rights, such as forced sterilisation and mass murder.


What did developments in genetics show?

That the ideas abut race that developed out of these pseudo-sciences are wrong.


What did geneticists discover in the 1990's?

They could trace human ancestry by analysing the DNA structure that each of us carries in our body's cells.


What is the 'eve gene'?

The mitochondrial chromosome, which is only inherited from our mothers.


By comparing the ____ characteristics who originate in different parts of the world, geneticists can build up a picture of how closely they are to each.



What did mtDNA research conclude?

There no genetic differences between people of different races, and that all humans are descended from a common ancestor who lived in Africa about 200 000 years ago. This explains why the earliest human remains have been found in Africa.


What does genetic evidence suggest about early human migration?

About 80 000 years ago, the first humans migrated out of Africa across the strip of land near the Red Sea, and from there moved to other continents.


Living in different environments, people developed different ___ and ____. These have nothing to do with genetic differences of race, but are a result of ___ to different environments.



What major project did the USA government fund in 1990?

The Human Genome Project.


What was the purpose of the Human Genome Project?

It was to identify all the varieties of DNA structures (known as genomes) in human populations.


How did the Human Genome Project help?

Helped scientists to better understand and treat medical orders.


What did the HG Project show?

It showed the genomes of individual people produce different physical features, such as skin and hair colour, but that there are no consistent differences of genomes to distinguish one race from another.


What did the HG project eventually help conclude?

The 19th century fixed ideas about fixed racial characteristics were false.