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K. S. Gam

“Gatsby’s unremarkable death is Fitzgerald’s last reminder to readers that although Gatsby had his great moments, they eventually led to his demise, and that as a whole, he is far, far from great.”

“Gatsby was a compelling […] illusionist, but that is all he amounted to be: an illusionist. His final fate – his fall from greatness – reveals everything we wanted to, but could never be.”


J. Rothman

“Gatsby isn’t an argument in favor of fantasy, though. It’s about the costs of fantasy – inevitable costs, since our dreams and fantasies are part of who we are.”


L. Lindberg

“Fitzgerald’s writing is steeped in satirical remarks and commentary on the way of living at the time”

“Fitzgerald’s depiction of Gatsby shows how even the purest dreams can become corrupt, and the duality of his character is representative of the duality of the American Dream”