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M. Cowley

“A greater tragedy than death is a burned-out bearing”

“The novel […] is John Steinbeck’s longest and angriest and most impressive work”


P. M. Jack

“the novel comes to no conclusion […] the story stops after 600 pages merely because a story has to stop somewhere”

“It may be an exaggeration, but it is the exaggeration of an honest and splendid writer”


C. Allen

“the insufferable Ma Joad […] serving as a mouthpiece for Steinbeck’s hick-collectivist platitudes”

“’The Grapes of Wrath’ is a literary twofer: bad fiction and bad history”

“the Okies turned out to be the exact opposite of progressive collectivists, becoming the backbone of California’s political and social conservatism”



“I’m trying to write history while it is happening, and I don’t want it to be wrong."

“[I]t is a mean, nasty book and if I could make it nastier I would…the book has a definite job to do…I want to put a tag of shame on the greedy bastards who are responsible for this.”