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Bona Dea Festival - late 62 bc

Celebrated annually at house of a magistrate
Wife pontifex maximus (at this Caesar presides)
Only women allowed but... Clodius Pulcher discovered disguised, Caesar divorces wife, Clodius on trial for incest
Cicero testifies
Clodius gets acquitted via bribes


60 bc - Pompey vs senate

L Afranius, a Pompeian legate consul for 60
Eastern settlement still not ratified
L. Flavius presents land bill


Pompey's impotence

Metellus attacks land bill
Flavius puts him in jail
Pompey orders him free
Flavius threatens to block Metellus going to his province
Metellus calls bluff


60 bc - senatorial obstinancy

Publicani in Asia Minor want rebate of tax
Caesar returns from Spain
Pompey's eastern settlement and land bills blocked.


What does the First Triumvirate get?

Caesar = consul
Pompey = marriage to Caesar's daughter
lex Campana for Pompey's veterans
Eastern settlement ratified
Caesar gets massive provinciae


Land law

Proposed by Caesar
Distributes land except Campania
Additional land to be bought at census value
Cato opposes the law
Caesar proposes public debate
Law passed via violence


Clodius the tribune

Reforms grain supply and distributes free grain
Allows collegia to form again
Limits ability to block legislation
Grants Cato power to annex Cyprus
Institutes a ban on putting citizens to death without trial


57 bc - Cicero's triumphant return

Senate favour return,
polarisation of politics
Pompey tours Italy to enrol support
Vote passed via violence
Meanwhile Caesar pacifies Gaul
Grain crisis means that Pompey gained popular command over the supply