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Caesar's challenges

Repair a political system that had failed to accomodate aristocratic competition
Eliminate potential for recurrence
Unify citizens
Improve Roman/provincial relations
Achieve this while fighting across the Med


Acts in Rome - 49 bc

Restored sons of the prescribed
Recalled those who were exiled in 52 after Clodius' death
Took measures on debt - statesman-esque, but potentially annoyed everyone


Acts in Rome - 47 bc

Antony in charge in Caesar's absence
Disorder in Rome
Antony suppresses amidst bloodshed
Revolt of soldiers in Campania
Enforced some debt measures


Provincial matters - changes to affairs

Generally benevolent towards them. E.g. Asia Minor, he abolished use of publicani, for tax collection, remittance of taxes and freed Pergamum
Attempted to appoint un-corrupt governors


Provincial matters - Extension of citizenship

Latin status granted to all of Sicily
Lex Roscia 49 bc - extends full citizenship to Latin colonies beyond the River Po
Gades granted citizenship
Continues the spread of citizenship started in the 90s. But this weakens the importance of Rome as a central influence


Re-writing history

Colonies planned for Corinth and Carthage; refounding cities which Rome had destroyed in 146 bc. Caesar takes great pride in these cities


Overseas settlement

Driven by lack of Italian land
Need to disband army
Avoidance of Sullan precedence - be NOT like Sulla!
Creation of allies across the Med


Italian matters

Caesar popular after assurances that land be left alone
Some soldiers settled there
Plots of land inalienable for 20 years


Alterations to the city-scape of Rome

Rebuilding of the senate house
Planned to divert the Tiber to expand the Campus Martius
Planned a public library
Vision of a Mediterranean capital


Other reforms

Cut the grain dole from 320,000 to 150,000, assigned management, created two new aediles for grain
Majority of the collegia abolished
New taxes of foreign imports


Powers and honours after Pharsalus

Dictator for a year
Could make war or peace without the senate
Right to hold 5 consulships
Privileges of a tribune
Allowed to appoint praetorian governors directly


Powers and honours after Thapsus

Dictator for 10 years
Curator morum for 3 years
Right to appoint magistrates
Bronze statue atop a globe as a demi-god


Powers and honours after Munda

Triumphal garb at all games
Title of liberator
Title of imperator permanently
10 year consulship which he declined
sole command of army and state finances


Final honours in 44 bc

Title of parens patriae
Censor for life
Triumphal dress at all times
Tribunician immunity


Caesar as Rex

Elected dictator for life


Assassination: conspiracy

60 conspirators - including D. Brutus and C. Trebonius, leaders include C.Cassius and M.Brutus, both praetor for 43.
Intention to kill Caesar in the senate house