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Catiline and the elections

Could not stand for elections in 65 and 64
Seeks election for consulship of 63 as populares
Cicero also stands


The elections continued...

Cicero and Antonius elected consuls for 63
Catiline stands for consulship of 62
He reforms proscriptions and debt cancellation
Elections postponed


The Plot!

Assassination of Cicero,
insurrection of the city,
Revolts in Italy
all to be achieved before the return of Pompey


The conspiracy

Evidence - Quintus Curius and Fulvia
21st Oct - letters handed over by Crassus, massacre palnned on the 28th, revolt of Manlius in Etruria


The conspiracy - november

6th - planned asassination of Cicero
7th - two conspirators to murder Cicero, others to loot the city
8th - Cicero convenes senate and gives first speech
Catiline leaves the city
9th - second speech and Catiline and Manlius declared hostes


The Conspiracy - december

3rd - senate meets to hear evidence
Senate votes conspirators to be arrested
Third speech against Catiline - to the people


End of conspiracy

Executions and Catiline defeated at Pistoia 62 bc