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Define Ethics

A set of moral principles that govern a person's behaviour


Define Privacy

the right to be left alone and free from unwanted scrutiny and intrusion


Define Personal Data

information that is personal and unique to an individual


What are some examples of personal data?

-where you live
-what you look like
-likes and dislikes


What are some features of the UK Data Protection Act?

-data must be processed fairly and lawfully
-data must be accurate and up to date
-data must be kept secure


What is the UK Data Protection Act?

controls how organizations and the government can use personal data


Why do people voluntarily give information?

it enables an organization to understand their needs better and provide them with more personalized service


Define Surveillance Technology

used to monitor and record people activities, often without their knowledge


What are some examples of surveillance technology?

-numberplate recognition
-tracking devices


What is the Computer Misuse Act?

it identifies three types of illegal activity:
-unauthorized access to a computer material
-unauthorized access with intent to commit further offences
-intentional destruction of software and data