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What do you need to get for the initial Intrapartum assessment?

Current Meds/Herbals

FULL head to toe going through all body systems

Psychosocial and Knowledge assessment


Why do you want to know what the top of the skull looks like?

You will see the suture lines

MAIN THING: Pay attention to the anterior fontanele.
-That is going to tell you the position when checking mom


What is the first phase of Stage 1?

Latent BEST time to do education


What is the second phase of Stage 1?

Active Dilation between 4-6cm

Baby moves to the pelvis

Anxiety rises as contractions get stronger

Doing a lot of reassuring to the mom

Physiological changes: Inc BP, O2 demand Inc, Mild respiratory acidosis at time of birth, Edema may occur, keep bladder empty bc it can empede baby coming down, Gastric volume remain inc, WBC inc during labor


What is the third phase of stage 1?


Contractions worse

Dilated 7-10

Body tremors, inc feelings of anxiety, irritability, eager to complete birth process, need support at bedside