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The basic business model in the recording industry can be divided into what three main parts?





What is payola?

Cash or gifts given to radio
disc jockeys by record labels in
exchange for greater airplay of the
label's artists or most recent songs.
After several scandals in t he 1950s,
the practice is now illegal.


What is longtail?

The principle t hat selling a few of
many types of items can be as or
more profitable t han selling many
copies of a few items, a pract ice
t hat works especially well for on line
sellers such as Amazon and Netflix.


What is digital rights management?

Technologies that let copyright
owners control the level of access
or use allowed for a copyrighted
work, such as limiting the number
of times a song can be copied.


What is freemium?

Subscriptions that provide some
content for free but require a
monthly subscription to take
advantage of all the site has to


Why is radio the most widely available medium of mass communication around the world?

Radio is less expensive to produce, transmit, and receive than
television; radio receivers are highly portable-even wearable-and radio doesn't
require literacy to understand.


Which genre of music is the most popular format for radio?

Country Format w/ 2,115 # of stations


What are the three types of radio broadcasting?

Amplitude Modulation (AM)

Frequency Modulation (FM)



Most local radio station utilize which type of radio broadcasting

Low-powered radio, often in the FM format, also varies from the general terrestrial
broadcast formats. Less expensive to transmit, it has enabled many highly
localized community radio stations to operate around the United States and


Who was established as the "father" of radio broadcasting?

Lee de Forest

Considered the father of radio
broadcasting because of his
invention that permitted reliable
voice transmissions for both pointto-point
communication and


What was created to help regulate the chaos of the largely unregulated airwaves?

The radio act of 1927 -
An act of Congress that created
the Federal Radio Commission,
intended to regulate the largely
chaotic airwaves and based on the
principle that companies had a
civic duty to use airwaves, a limited
public good, responsibly.


What is the federal radio commission?

Formed by the Radio Act of 1927,
the commission, the precursor
to the FCC, created a policy that
favored fewer high-power radio
broadcasting stations rather
than more numerous low-power

The FRC revoked thousands of radio broadcast licenses
and instituted a system that favored fewer high-power stations over smaller
but more numerous local low-power stations. This policy benefited large commercial
companies over educational, religious, and small private broadcasters.


What is the federal communications commission?

Established in 1934, the principal
communications regulatory body
at the federal level in the United


What is a daypart?

A segment of time radio and
television program planners use to
determine their primary audience
during that time of day or night.

So example: 6am - 10am daypart


Review the main differences between satellite and traditional radio

Satellite =
method of delivering audio programming than traditional AM and FM radio.

Satellite's delivery
makes it more akin to airplane audio programming than true broadcasting. ( More akin to audio programming than to traditional broadcast radio. )

radio uses digital signals broadcast from a satellite, beaming the same programming
across a much wider territory than its terrestrial cousin.

are "broadcast" in the sense that they reach mass audiences


Slacker, Pandora, Spotify, and the like often promote their services as...

personal radio stations... where users can create and save their own playlists in "My Stations"
or "Channels," names meant to evoke radio, whether on the desktop, mobile, or
wearable device


Radio stations are given call letters designating the station according to...

All U.S. stations are assigned call letters designating the station and their geographic
location east or west of the Mississippi River.

Stations east of the Mississippi
have W as their first call letter,

Stations to the west, K,

exceptions exist for call letters assigned before boundaries were determined, such
as KDKA in Pittsburgh. Under an international agreement issued at the London
International Radiotelegraphic Conference in 1912, different countries were
awarded different letters. The United States received KDA through KZZ.


Recorded music serves what variety of functions as mass media

Entertainment & Cultural Transmission


What kinds of record labels have the majority of the music titles?

Independent labels


Why is radio used globally as an emergency broadcast system?

portability and flexible
power source. Radio receivers can operate easily for long periods on battery
power alone. Radio is also used globally
as an emergency broadcast system for events such as severe storms, natural
disasters, and military conflict, largely because of its ubiquitous presence, low
cost, and reliability


Who invented the FM radio?

Edward Howard Armstrong -

Columbia University engineering
professor who invented FM radio


What kind of radio station uses a digital signal that charges a monthly or yearly subscription fee?

Satellite radio


What was the first broadcasting network?

The National Broadcasting Company


What kind of software program was napster?

A file sharing program

A file-swapping service

let Internet
users easily share MP3 files, a compression format for digital music.


Why is radio important in developing nations?

spotty electricity
service, inhibitory government regulations, low levels of
education, and scant incomes have kept most people
from a television, let alone a computer and Internet connection.


Radios, however, are nearly ubiquitous, thanks
in part to their portability, low cost, and ability to run
on batteries or solar power or by hand cranks.

Radio does not require literacy, it has proven especially
valuable in communicating with poor, often rural
populations- such as in Southeast Asia, Latin America,
and Africa-as a means of development and distribution
of innovations such as new agricultural techniques
or health advances.


What kind of radio uses a digital signal that charges a monthly or yearly subscription fee?

satellite radio uses DIGITAL SIGNALS broadcast from a satellite, beaming the same programming
across a much wider territory than its terrestrial cousin.

(most of them commercial free as
a subscription-based service)


What is the world's most popular digital music service?



How do commercial radio stations make their money?

; through advertising. Extra income also comes from sponsored content and events (however, this is also a form of a advertising) as well as charging callers.


What are the reasons that FM radio is more popular than AM radio today?

FM radio ascended for a number of reasons, among
them the inclusion of an FM dial in most car radios, changes in programming, and
regulatory changes, combined with the fact that FM has less static



Describe three distinct advantages of radio over other types of broadcast media.

Radio, the most widely available medium of mass communication around the
world, is also the second-most heavily used medium in the United States (after

At least 99 percent of all U.S. households have at least one radio receiver, similar
to most industrialized countries, high penetration in developing nations too

Radio is less expensive to produce, transmit, and receive than television;

Radio receivers are highly portable-even wearable.

Radio doesn't require literacy to understand - Meets communication demands for a larger audience... people in developing nations is an ex

ALSO , Radios are cheaper than Ipods/phones/ TV. Radios are also easily accessible.

almost alone among mass media, allows people to engage easily in other activities
while listening. No matter how advanced or portable media technology becomes,
we cannot watch TV or read a book or newspaper while driving safely, for example.