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Printing and distribution account for roughly what percentage of newspaper production costs?

Printing and distribution
account for roughly 65 percent of production costs; the actual creation of the news,
including reporters' salaries, accounts for only about 35 percent. "


How are values expressed through omission?

Textbooks, although intended primarily to impart objective
knowledge, can express values through omission as much as inclusion.

So some examples to help you understand:

1) China and Korea censure Japanese history
textbooks that either ignore or euphemize Japan's World War II
military atrocities.

2) high school science textbooks should discuss
both evolution and creationism

3) JK Rowlings books stir controversy w/ witch craft

so omission = leave out, values included in print media (inclusion) show what society values as right and wrong...


Why did investigative journalists often report for magazines rather than newspapers?

Many magazines have national, regional, or even international readership and
distribution. The longer news stories found in major publications, such as the Economist
and TIME, can provide greater detail than newspaper articles. Higher-quality
magazine paper can support exceptional photography and illustrations well suited
to covering fashion, nature, entertainment, and science.


What is citizen journalism?

The gathering and sharing of
news and information by public
citizens, particularly via mobile
and social media, sometimes via
traditional media.


Which type makes up the largest portion of the book publishing industry in terms of sales?

Textbooks make up the largest
portion of the publishing industry in terms of sales, followed by the category
Other Books and Services, which includes religious texts and general reference works


What is the Newspaper Preservation Act of 1970 and why was it enacted?

Created in 1970 to preserve a
diversity of editorial opinion in
communities where only two
competing, or independently
owned, daily newspapers exist.


What is joint operating
arrangement (JOA)?

Legal agreement permitting
newspapers in the same market
or city to merge their business
operations for economic reasons
while maintaining independent
editorial operations.


Review the early innovation in book printing/publishing

Sumerians of 3500 BCE pressed marks into wet clay tablets, creating what
some scholars consider the first book form, authors have been recording textual

By 2500 BCE, writers in western Asia were using animal skins as scrolls,
a more portable form than clay tablets.

The ancient Egyptians wrote the Book of the
Dead in 1800 BCE on papyrus.

Between the first century BCE and the sixth century CE,
the codex, a manuscript of bound individual pages, began replacing the scroll, establishing
the modem book form.

Book publishing continued to evolve through
innovation and invention: block printing in China by 600 CE;

movable copper-alloy
type in Korea in 1234 CE;

and the Western world's first mechanical printing press
in Germany in 1455 CE.


Why did the new york times and wall street adopt the usa todays printing & distribution model?

a strong mix of general-interest news featuring colorful graphics and easy-to-read sections, an overall design inspired by television. Prior to its launch, most newspapers were drab and filled with long columns of text.

its new economic model. Using the new
satellite communication technology, content was sent electronically to printing and distribution centers throughout the country, a cheaper method that permitted nationwide distribution for a daily paper, subsequently adopted by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.


Why did advertising become the primary revenue source in the modern business model for newspapers?

newspaper price did not cover printing and distribution costs, but the penny
press began advertising medicines, entertainment, and jobs as well as items on
which the commercial and partisan press frowned, such as theater, lotteries,
and abortionists. Advertising became the primary revenue source in the modem
business model.


What is digital paywall?

Readers must pay after receiving a certain number of stories for free.