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Which of the following are primary logistics business processes?

* plan to produce
* order to cash
* accounting management

* plan to produce

* order to cash


What is the name of the technical platform that powers SAP Business Suite?

* SAP NetWeaver


What personalization options are available in the SAP GUI?

* you can change the font size (within limits)
* you can display system messages in a dialogue box
* you can prevent the display of pictures in the SAP GUI
* you can use a personal input history on your front end


Name three examples of organizational levels that play a role in the maintenance of material master records.

* client
* plant
* storage location


Name three examples of master data

* customer
* vendor
* material


What are application programs that execute business processes in the SAP ERP system called?

* transactions


What are features of business explorer?

* provides users with extensive analysis options

* provides an updated view of the dataset


T/F SAP HANA is the platform that has driven innovation in data management with several solutions for real-time analytics, real-time applications, and real-time platform.

* true


T/F SAP Fiori allows a user to modify the existing SAP GUI

* false


What are two benefits of SAP screen personas?

* data from different tabs can be combined into a single screen

* screens can be tailored specific to business roles or individual users.


What identifies a self-contained organizational structure for which costs and revenues can be managed and allocated?

* controlling area


T/F a chart of accounts is assigned to the company code

* true


T/F each general ledger is setup according to a chart of accounts

* true


T/F a chart of accounts cannot be used by multiple company codes

* false


T/F reconciliation accounts are designed for direct posting

* false


T/F a posting key applies to the entire Financial Accounting (FI) document

* false


T/F a posting key defines the account type to be posted

* true


T/F a posting key defines the type of posting (debit or credit)



T/F a posting key specifies it and credit totals of the document



Component of netweaver that supports platform independent web services, business applications, and standards based development, enabling you to leverage the existing technology assets for web-services oriented solutions

SAP NetWeaver application server


Component of sap NetWeaver that enables you to integrate data from the enterprise and transform the data into practical and timely business information to drive sound decision making.

Sap business warehouse


Component of sap NetWeaver that provides tools to help you model, execute, and monitor business processes based on a single consistent process model

Sap business process management


Component of sap NetWeaver that delivers SOA - based technology that supports process-centric integration across the extended value chain.

Sap process integration


Component of sap NetWeaver that ensures cross-system data consistency and helps integrate business processes across the extended value chain.

Sap NetWeaver master data management


Component of sap NetWeaver that provides a future-proof mobile runtime environment based on open and flexible technology standards, and also provides development environment for building integrated mobile solutions with native or browser based user interfaces.

Sap NetWeaver mobile


Sap NetWeaver component that unifies critical information and applications to give users role-based views that span the enterprise, enabling you to take full advantage of your information resources.

Sap enterprise portal


Sap NetWeaver component that provides the capabilities you need to integrate all automated sensing devices including radio frequency identification (RFID) readers and printers, Bluetooth devices, embedded systems, and bar code devices

Sap auto-Id infrastructure


Sap NetWeaver component that addresses access and provisioning issues that an enterprise faces, creates a new opportunity for integrating business processes,, and helps you to integrate systems in a heterogeneous IT environment.

Sap identity management


Name three components of CO (management accounting/controlling)

Cost element accounting

Cost center accounting

Profitability analysis


Sales order management is a primary source for ____________ in profitability analysis (CO-PA) and profit center accounting (CO-PA)

Revenue postings