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Each Temporal Bone articulates with which bones?

with one Zygomatic and one parietal bone, the occipital and sphenoid bones, and the mandible


Each Temporal Bone is composed of a large roughened projection
hint: it is a process?

the Mastoid Process


The External Auditory Meatus is part of what bone?

The Temporal Bone


Where the Parietal, Frontal, Greater Wing of Sphenoid and Temporal Bones join is known as?
hint: weakest area of the skull

The Pterion
(the weakest area of the skull)


Where the Parietal, Occipital and the Temporal join is known as?
hint: strongest area of the skull

The Asterion
(strong area of the skull)


A slender projection on the Temporal Bone that is inferior to the external auditory meatus is called?

The Styloid Process


A slight concave depression on the Temporal Bone and larger than pterion is known as?

The Temporal Fossa


What protuberance is on the Occipital Bone?

The External Occipital Protuberance