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State the definition of a 'Network'

A network is two or more computers connected together by cables or wirelessly


What is Connectivity?

Connectivity is how a connection is made and maintained between two computers in a network


State some Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud System

- Automatic Backup, Multi Device Access, Can access data anywhere with connection
- No control over security measures, may lose legal rights to original material


A theatre company is looking to start storing their data on their shows on the cloud. Why should they choose to go for the private cloud instead of the public?

Private Cloud

  • More secure, only accessible by members of company

  • More customisable to companies needs compared to public


What is a 'Hybrid Cloud'

A hybrid cloud is the combination of a public and a private cloud


Give an example of where a company would use a hybrid cloud

A hybrid cloud would be used when a company wants to keep personal data secure (on the private cloud) but also give employees access to resources wherever they are(on the public cloud)


Describe an example of a cloud based service

Data Storage- allows users to upload data and access data from internet connected devices
Mail Service- Users log on to the internet to access their emails via the browser
Software Updates- Ability to access most up to date version of apps via the cloud


Describe an advantage and a disadvantage of cloud based mail servers

Advantage - Multi device access to emails
Disadvantage - Increased Bandwidth Consumption


Describe an advantage and a disadvantage of cloud based data storage services

Advantage - Automatic backup service
Disadvantage - Large fees for companies due to 'pay per capacity'


Give an example of a cloud based data storage company

Google Drive


Describe an advantage of cloud based software updates

- Apps are always compatible with the cloud


What does a web hosting service allow users to do?

Allows users to make their website available over the internet


What does ISP stand for?

Internet Service Provider


What is an advantage of websites like or (web hosting websites)

Allow users to put their website out there without having the knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS


What are the three main types of web hosting?

Shared web
Dedicated Hosting


Describe freeware web hosting

Limited service offered by some companies which allow you to display your website for free. Often the website will include advertising for other products/companies.


Describe shared website hosting

Website is placed on a web server alongside many other websites. Sharing of RAM and processor resources.


Describe Dedicated Website Hosting

Each user receives their own web server and has full control over it, the best type of web hosting


Describe some disadvantages of having your own web server on for example a raspberry pi

  • Machine has to be on 24/7

  • Incur bandwidth charges if large amount of traffic


Describe some current trends in networking and connectivity

Internet Coverage
-broadband in majority of UK households
-"virtually all" of UK will have 4G connection by end of the year
Internet Connected Home appliances
-Home applications connected to internet
-Communication between devices
-Example: Samsung Family Hub Fridge
-Features: TV mirroring, in fridge camera, message board, daily report


Explain why a switch is more efficient in a network than a hub

Hub - shares all bandwidth, broadcast messages to all of the nodes
Switch - allocate share of bandwidth, full bandwidth to individual nodes, point to point connection with nodes


Explain the function of a router

A router connects nodes in a network and lets messages flow between them. It ensures that the messages get to where they need to go and chooses the best route to get to location of node.


What is a Network Interface Card(NIC)?

A NIC is a card that contains the electronic circuitry to allow a computer to connect to a network by converting the data from the device into a form transmittable over the network.


Describe what a UTP(Unshielded Twisted Pair) consists of and where it is most commonly found?

A UTP consists of pairs of copper wires which carry electrical binary signals. They are most commonly found in LAN setups.


Describe what fibre optic cables are and what they are commonly used for

Fibre optic cables consists of a central core which carries pulsed laser beam lights. They are commonly used to connect together networking infrastructure.


Describe Coaxial Wires and what they are commonly used for

Coaxial wires are single copper conducting wires with shielding braided copper
They are commonly used by telecommunication companies to provide services to homes


Describe an advantage and a disadvantage of Wireless Networks

- Not tied down to specific location
- No trailing wires, so safer
- Interference can occur
- Slower data transmission


State an example of where a bluetooth system is used

Car Hand-free systems


Describe how bluetooth allows connection between computers and peripherals

Using tiny radio frequency transmittors


How does a switch connect nodes in a network?

Using switching circuitry